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Enhance corporate activities and see employees identify habits and examine workplace dilemmas from a new angle.
Facilitate discussions and build bridges between differing opinions. Perfect for team building activities, leadership development and for HR & training purposes.

Essential to the tool-kit of every life & business coach, therapist, educator, team leader, trainer and more.
Suitable for working one-on-one or with a group. Easily adapted for any audience, content or working method.
Explore new territories for change and growth by using visual stimuli!

Enjoyable, thought-provoking tools that allow us to take a time-out, breathe and look at life from another perspective.
Play solo, with your life partner, with family and/or friends.


Every day, thousands of professionals throughout the world work with our tools -

a must-have tools and an asset in the professional toolbox.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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I attended the training in California in February. It was life changing! Best decision I have made career-wise and for myself. Highly recommend for those with a passion to help others.

— Donna Duff, Creative Tidal Wave, USA

Helps transformation from where you have been to where you want to be, where you dream of going!

— Ivy Woolf Turk, Project Liberation, USA

Simple to use, but very deep. It takes participants to unexpected corners in their minds.


— Asta Velyvyte, Bmores, Latvia

I attended New York October 2015. It was amazing!! It openned my mind, my heart and my oportunities. My life was raised to another level. Therefore, work too. Don't believe me. TRY IT!!


— Beatriz Bron, Coach, Costa Rica

…lnstead of letting each manager go through presentation of their list of achievements, we were able to incorporate the thought-provoking photos in Points of You™ tools to inspire people to tell their authentic stories as a means of updating everyone. The result was a memorable and lively period where attention was sustained and interest was uplifted.

— Sylvie Geneau, Cirque du Soleil

…I also used Points of You™ tools in team development interventions and witnessed team members quickly opening up with each other, identifying various team dysfunctions and vowing to overcome them…

— Marjolaine Rompré, L'Oréal Canada


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