Become an expert of our games and method and pay it forward to others.

Our trainings and workshops have been created in response to numerous requests from professionals, organizations and private individuals who having practiced our tools, felt the need to find out and thoroughly examine additional possibilities of using it. Throughout the years we have developed a range of experiential trainings whose goal is to instruct and teach a variety of possible uses of our tools for personal and professional purposes, as well as to enjoy a unique and engaging experience of inspiration and growth.





We believe that personal growth begins with pausing for reflection. Our workshops enable you to take a step back from your daily routine, and look into the basic elements of life from a different perspective in order to reach some essential perceptions.

By deciding to participate in one of our workshops you also choose to pause for reflection; and when you're ready to add some question marks even on the seemingly obvious topics, you usually stumble across unexpected but precise answers.

Our trainings are not conceived as frontal lectures; they are an experiential process enfolding while seating on cushions, listening to music and experiencing various processes during which some moving encounters occur between the participants, but first and foremost between each individual and his/her own self.

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