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Equip yourself with new skills that incorporate the dynamic tools and methodology of Points of You

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A powerful new way of engaging with yourself and your clients.

To the truth seekers and the developers of human consciousness, those who seek to tap into potential into turn it into practical reality:

Would you like something that is flexible and adaptable to your needs?


And would you like to open your client’s hearts and minds, expand their point of view, and explore new possibilities for yourself and your clients? 

Serves and supports human development in its own unique way.


  • Shorten the time required to get to the heart of the matter, the core that will change everything


  • Unveil patterns that no longer serve you, break them, and choose one that does


  • Turn insight into practical actions and shape your new reality


We create innovative tools and training
for professional and personal development.

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Points of You® was founded in 2006 since there

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Our tools have been translated into more than 25 languages.


Our unique tools and workshops have opened hearts and minds in more than 150 countries across the globe


A global, growing tribe of more than 500,000 members


Here are some of the organizations whom we have worked with:

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Points of You® Academy has 4 Levels of Knowledge
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Turning Point Program

Understand Philosophy

Behind the Technique

Top View Program

Master the Art of Points of You Facilitation


Join the Level 1 Hello Points Workshop Today 

Experience 3 different ways you can use our tools, in a big group, small group, and one-to-one, or even one-to-self! 

Get a set of our bestselling games, both The Coaching Game (Worth MYR 815) and Punctum (Worth MYR 375)  

A custom-made Level 1 Kit for the Hello Points Workshop

Gain lifetime Membership with the Points of You Tribe and connect with beautiful souls

Become a Points of You Explorer

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Zee Jamil

Certified Points of You® Explorer

Accredited Emotional Intelligence Practitioner & English Teacher

You have no idea how impactful you are and how you have immensely changed my life.

Points of You® is what I have been waiting for the longest time in my life. 
I have been longing for something which could help me in changing my views towards the world, and towards other people. And it has changed the way I view myself, significantly. 


Each process incorporated in Points of You is vital as it has indirectly moulded me in becoming a much calmer and peaceful person. A state of being which I believe everyone is dying for. I’d say that I do not rash into things anymore now as I would frequently pause whenever I am overwhelmed. PAUSE. Yes. A short yet powerful process which allows you to disconnect with the world and get connected with your inner self. 

After pausing, going through each card on my roughest day, is by far the best and most effective therapy as I can be true to myself. I am now able to brave myself and face all the issues that I have been avoiding for years and take one step at a time in resolving those matters.

Believe me, Points of You® is not just for your personal development, but it can be a beautiful session for you to reconnect with your loved ones and have a real-life conversation. A conversation you’ve been longing to have. A conversation which allows you to be present for them and listen to them speaking from the bottom of their heart. It is something that only Points of You® can offer you.


Embark upon a journey

Expand your observation and knowledge while participating in an ongoing personal and professional journey.

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Expand your business opportunities

Make the most of the Points of You Academy facilitation options, teach,
learn, make a profit.


Join our amazing tribe

Become a member of our global professional community, form long lasting connections with beautiful people around the globe, share knowledge, be inspired.

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