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Parts of the training might be recorded and photographed. While this is mostly for creating memories for you from the experience, we may use some photos for upcoming marketing purposes. Do we have your permission to photograph you during the training?

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Recommendation Cancellation Policy

Up to 7 days prior the workshop - full refund
48 hours notification - %50 refund
24 hour prior the workshop - no refund.

Liability agreement

The Hello Points Workshop is a fun, experiential and intriguing workshop. This training is an opportunity to go through an easy-going process that goes surprisingly deep. Points of You® Academy official workshops are not a substitute for psychiatric, or psycho-therapeutic treatment, but may complement a therapeutic process and facilitate.
Points of You® always strives for every participant’s well-being, it is the responsibility of each participant to take care of themselves. By submitting this form, you accept that you are solely responsible for your physical and mental well-being during the training and also for your personal items.