Here and Now

Flow reflects the spirit of this period in time. When we are facing challenges and adapting to the new normal.

A global crisis that shuffled all the cards, accelerated many processes, exposed our emotions and focused people on their life choices.

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is an invitation to observe the in-betweens of life.

The highs and lows, movement and stillness, uncertainty and clarity

And just to let yourself be…

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Gentle and Powerful

Flow is a gentle yet powerful tool designed to support the experience of mindfulness and presence.

Perfect for self-exploration, working one on one and offers a wide range of facilitation solutions when working with groups.


Flow will be released in two editions

Limited Edition included :

  • Everything in Regular edition

  • Numbered Box

  • 5 extra cards

  • A personal note from Efrat Shani
    Co-founder of Points of You


What’s inside?

  • 65 Photo cards,
    including our powerful Refresh! cards

  • 12 Layout cards

  • 4 Blank Layout cards

  • 4 Focus cards

  • An inspirational book

  • All in a box!


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Let's Flow