A new tool

by Points of You®

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Introducing: Flow

A new tool by Points of You® for experiencing mindfulness and presence, while dealing with the challenges of a changing reality

Flowing is

Being completely involved

Without ego or judgement

Letting thoughts and feelings

flow inside of you

All your senses tuned in

Flow reflects in the spirit of

this period in time

A global crisis that shuffled the cards,

accelerated processes, exposed emotions

and focused people on their life choices

Flow includes:

65 Photos cards

12 Layouts cards

4 blank Layout cards

4 Focus cards

An inspirational book

Packed in a beautiful new box

Powerful Photo cards

Kick off an inner journey

The New Layout cards

Offer structured processes

and new facilitation options

The Focus card

Helps define your goals and insights

An inspirational book

Expands your view with

stories, quotes, questions and photos

Flow will be released in two editions

Limited Edition included :
(18 sets left)

  • Everything in Regular edition

  • Numbered Box

  • A Golden Ticket to Hello Flow Workshop

  • 5 extra cards

  • A personal note from Efrat Shani
    Co-founder of Points of You®

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