Certified Points of You Trainer

My name is Veronica Navarro, I´m 45 years old, Mexican, mother of 3 boys and wife of the most wonderful man in the world. I consider myself a very lucky person, I can´t thank enough for all the  good and bad things that had happen to me, so now I can be who I am and be where I am.

But…recently I have experienced the most beautiful, hard, fun, painful, inspirational transformation in my life.  Before November 2017, my passions were my family, nature and sports (running, triathlons, HIIT, yoga) the most intense the better. When I started running, without knowing, I also started the search for Health and Wellness, I was hungry for knowledge so I started by studying some topics related with  nutrition, I became a personal trainer, I get my certification to be a spinning instructor, and specialized in youth and seniors trainer.  

I experimented a lot with the workouts and food, but soon I realized that exercise and nutrition, were just a little part for the equation to be a healthy, but more important a truly happy person. I decided to become a personal trainer, because I wanted to inspire others to feel great, to get them to reach their goals, I wanted to share the feeling I got every time I worked out, I thought   that was happiness. But funny… 2 or 3 hours after an extenuating working out, I didn´t felt that endless happiness that I was trying to inspire in my clients.  Feeling lost, I looked for a life coach who can help me found my path again.  That was my first contact with Points of You®…. My coach gave me a quick session with The Coaching Game…. the results were fascinating and very clear for me… I need to move in order to see things from a different perspective.

I decided to get certified as a Health Coach by IIN. As a Health Coach I felt more prepared to help my clients to achieve health and happiness. But, even after obtaining my certification, I still didn´t felt confident about what I was doing. In my pursuit  to make my sessions more flexible, fun and active to help my clients to find answers, magically Point of You appeared in my Facebook timeline, and I remembered that first session with my life coach…..there was no doubt in my mind ... I need to know more about this tool.  So after some research, I wanted to become a Points of You certified trainer, so… I sign up for Costa Rica TCP, November 2017 session.

The experience was outstanding, I didn´t knew exactly what to expect, but since the beginning of the course it became evident that it was going to be a great journey… it was unexpected … but precise, the location, the participants, the facilitators, my roomy, my buddy… everything was just perfect. But the best part  was, what I discovered about myself, I started to believe again in me, I got more confident and my steps became more clear, I learn to use a magic tool, always assertive, always just what I need to see, hear or reflect on. Literally I lived 5 days in the clouds, not just physically but emotionally, all the time.

I also felt like a cloud, field with emotions, and suddenly pouring them like heavy rain and feeling much lite, expanded, happy and with a clear direction. When I came back home from the TCP, I started with my own workshops, something I didn´t ever thought about doing. I have to recognize that, at the beginning of the first workshop, I was very nervous but as the topics where presented to the group and watching their reaction, the fear disappears. I realized that Point of You works every time I used it.  Doesn´t matter if I use it with a group of friends, athletes, companies a large group of mechanic engineers that teach and coach students in a public university, or my husband and kids.

I can share that the path has not been easy, specially finding an adequate location, people and companies to facilitate my workshops. However, once I have the group and the location… Points of You does the rest… is magic.

In order to get my certification, I needed to facilitate an original workshop, something different of what I learned in the TCP.  As I mentioned before, sports and working out are my passion, so I decided to design a spinning class that combined the Point of You tool. The title ¨SOUL WORKOUT¨, the first time I did it worked fine but not as well as I wanted, because I did everything… the spinning, class, the Points of You dynamic, control de music, giving instructions etc. It was too much for one person, but the participants were very happy, they came out of the workshop with a new perspective of their weaknesses, and with new goals to achieve wellness.

The second time I did it with some help everything worked much better and the results were outstanding. With these experiences, I got more inspired, and I have been facilitating diverse workshops, for people with very diverse backgrounds, perspectives and goals.

Points of You, introduce me to a group of people that believe the same things that I do but most important that have the same values, dreams and goals, people who inspires me, from whom I have learn generosity, cooperation, friendship, selfless help and service.

I´m in love with Points of You, it allows you to be creative, to use your imagination, to be you, to feel confident, to use it for every situation that you can imagine, and  there would be always an answer, an insight  for you, your clients and workshops participants.

What I like the most is the version of ME that Points of You reveal, I started searching for a tool that can help with my clients and I found a new version of ME,  a new path my life.

I really believe that Points of You is changing lives, and with that the World is becoming a better place.