Train the Trainer Workshop

What is The Train the Trainer Workshop?

Our ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop is intended for professionals who are ready to expand their choice of tools and introduce an intuitive catalyst into their work processes. This highly interactive workshop will broaden your points of view while learning how to use Points of You® tools to create breakthroughs in the ways you think, communicate, respond, and act in varied work/life situations.


This workshop is perfect for coaches, psychologists, therapists, team leaders, workshop facilitators, organizational consultants and other professional.

Train the Trainer workshop structure

Our ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop has three main sessions; each session is dedicated to one activity and one of the Points of You® tools.


The TTT in one full day with eight hours of training, including coffee breaks and a light lunch.

The Program

  • Personal introduction

  • Objectives

  • Pause

  • Introducing Points of You and our method

  • The Coaching Game ~ ‘Zooming In’ process (Experiential encounter)

  • Debrief on ‘Zooming In’ process + Q&A and tips

  • Punctum ~ ‘My Photo Album’ process

  • Debrief on ‘My Photo Album’ process + Q&A and tips

  • The Coaching Game ~ ‘1:1 Process’

  • Focus and Action

  • Closure


Important Clarifications

Participants of the workshop are eligible to use Points of You® tools.

They are free to implement them in their work and to create new processes using the tools.


You are not Points of You® Certified Trainers, this means, you are not eligible to facilitate:

  • ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop

  • ‘Zooming In’ workshop

  • ‘My Photo Album’ workshop

  • Any other Points of You® official workshops, that are protected by copyrights.

Participants who wish to facilitate Points of You® official workshops, must complete the Points of You® Trainers Certification Program.


The Certificate grants you with 6 CCEU's. This is a certificate of completion of TTT training only.

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